This site is an Unofficial One-stop Community Hub and Digital Museum for Algorand to newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. We curate and aggregate relevant Algorand Website Links, News, Resources, and Media as the crypto future unfolds. Algo Curator launched in July of 2021, making it the first aggregation hub for the community and ecosystem. We are not affiliated with Algorand or the Algorand Foundation in any way.

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Algo Curator + Google Sites FAQ

My goals for this site are for it to have a clean design, be safe, and to the point, much like Algorand is. The Algo Curator is made with Google Sites, which brings security and convenience for visitors.

  • All links to other websites are Google Redirects to provide security from malicious links.

  • All wallpapers, packs, and zips that I offer are safe to download and are either stored on this site's Google Drive or are embedded in the website itself. In both cases, Google screens all uploads.

  • Everything on the Algo Curator is free, as well as ad-free. If you like what this site has to offer, the best things you can do are bookmark, refer, and share it.

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CURATOR-ALGO Pool Token v1.1

Asset ID: 552659190

Curator Coin


Curator Coin (CURATOR) is a simple Defi token of the Algo Curator website. The goal of CURATOR is to reward the Algo Curator community. This Community ASA is experimental and not an investment or security.

Use Cases

  1. NFT DeFi - CURATOR awarded weekly to owners of The Algonautz NFT Collection. Only requirement is to HOLD in wallet or in a secondary market smart contract that has not sold yet.

  2. LP DeFi - CURATOR awarded to CURATOR/ALGO LP Providers on Tinyman. Performed via Algostake.

  3. Experimental ideas that depend on how the Algorand ecosystem of applications develops.

Creator Wallet


Tinyman Pool Wallet v1.1



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