NFT Collection

Project Stats

Unique Algonautz Landed: 140 Trees Planted: 420 Total Giveaways: 12

Unique Wallet Holders: 82 Total In Circulation: 181/272 Yieldly Prize Games: 8

Highest Sale: 525 A NFT DeFi Awards: 40.0 M Curator Opt-In: 319473667

Celebrating Algorand

Algorand has managed to find an approach that solves the blockchain trilemma without any compromise to security, scalability, and decentralization. The Algonautz are landing in celebration of this monumental achievement, and the number 3 (for trilemma) will be a prevalent theme.

1 NFT = 3 Trees Planted

Inspired by Algorand's carbon negative approach, we are pledging to plant three trees for every NFT sold. These trees will be planted in the Appalachia of North America, in partnership with One Tree Planted. Scroll down for current donation Certificates.

Original Design

The Algonaut represents Security, welcoming all into the community.

The Surface represents Scalability, potentially as massive as a star.

The Nebula represents Decentralization, like the vastness of space.


Algonautz are a mixed mint collection. There are opportunities for 1/1, 2/2, and 3/3 mints. This low fixed supply will ensure each are quite rare. Battlenautz, Cybernautz, Angelnautz, and many more will be landing in the future!

Asset Security, 3 Factor Authentication

Direct Link to IPFS

Metadata Hash of the CID

Authentication Signature in the Note Field of the Creation Tx

NFT DeFi & Curator Coin

All owners of our Algonautz NFTs receive weekly DeFi awards paid out in Curator Coin, the multimedia token of the Algo Curator website. Multiple Algonautz = Multiple payouts. Asset ID: 319473667. NFT DeFi awards are paid out on Mondays.

Current Payout Rates:

3/3 Mint - 4,000

2/2 Mint - 6,000

1/1 Mint - 12,000

Origin Foils - 16,000


Charitable Recognition

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